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Welcome to the official website of the Pinehurst Knights, a group of U.S. golfers who participate in the yearly Pinehurst Knights Golf Invitational consisting of 7 days of unfettered golf. The Pinehurst Knights Invitational has been a long standing annual fall event conceived by an original foursome of golfing buddies residing in the Trenton New Jersey area of the United States. Our event is deeply rooted in a multi-year history of over 12+ consecutive years. Steeped in tradition and folklore, official record keeping did not start until 2004. This website was created in 2011 to create an archive and photo gallery of our events each year. The current  membership has been capped to 12 members strong at the end of the official Fall 2014 Season!




Special thanks to Talamore Golf Resort where this group has stayed for as long as I can remember. — John DeBlase / Website Manager



We enjoy the experience at Talamore and the hospitality of the Southern Pines area along with all the amazing golf the Pinehurst area has to offer us each year…  We keep coming back for more…!

The White Knights Reclaim The Cup!

Johnny D successfully executed his conservative “target golf” strategy this week to win back the Pinehurst Knights trophy for his White Knight “condo… condo… condo…” team mates!

The second and third place finishers, Dave W. and Denny M., both players representing the Black Knights, kept the pressure on John during the final round, especially Denny who shot an awesome 76 (31 points +11). However sadly for the Black Knights that valiant come from behind effort was to no avail.

Our once longstanding tradition of the Champion’s Breakfast will be re-instated next year at the 2018 Pinehurst Knights Invitational.

More articles and images will soon follow on what turned out to be another great week of 126 holes of golf in the beautiful Pinehurst North Carolina area.

A Shared Victory in 2016!

Great weather, tight race, and an exciting finish! What more can you ask for?  The 2016 Pinehurst Invitational proved to be one of our more exceptional weeks for a whole host of reasons.

Congratulations to Denny Meyers and John Galvin.  I believe this is first time we have had a dead tie at the end of the week for overall point performance. By the way, this was done on a very challenging lineup of courses this year. A tip of the hat goes to Joe G. who did a valiant job in trying to defend the cup for the White Knights condo all week but alas, it was not to be this year!

The trophy presentation below from Billy McDougal (standing) to our dual winners – Denny and John is a first as far as I know!   Be sure to stop by the Photo Gallery page to see some of the highlights of the week. More photos to follow…

Pinehurst 2016




Bldg # 8 unit 1815. Paul, John D., Al, Steve, Joe G., Bill

Bldg # 8 unit 1835. Dave, Joe W., Ed, John G.

Bldg #3 unit 1333.  Mike, Gregg, Glenn, Den

Point quotas to start the week from 2015 final avg:
 Denny  20  Bill  13
 Paul  19  Ed  13
 Al  17  John G  13
 Glenn  15  Joe G  11
 Dave  14  Steve  9
 Mike  13  John D  9
Quotas from 2014:
 Joe W  16  Gregg  13
 As always we will start adjusting after Sunday’s round!


Saturday   05-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 9:08-9:32

Hyland Golf Club

Golf rounds including shared cart at Hyland Golf Club (18 Holes w / Cart)

Sunday     06-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 9:00-9:30

Longleaf Golf & Country Club

Golf rounds including shared cart at Longleaf Golf & Country Club (18 Holes w / Cart)

Monday    07-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 9:07-9:33

Talamore Golf Club

Golf rounds including shared cart at Talamore Golf Club (Silver Llama)

Tuesday    08-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 9:20-9:50

Tobacco Road

Golf rounds including shared cart at Tobacco Road (18 Holes w / Cart)

Wednesday     09-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 8:53-9:19

Pinewild GC

Golf rounds including shared cart at Pinewild (18 Holes w / Cart)

Thursday     10-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 8:57-9:33

Dormie Club

Golf rounds including shared cart at Dormie Club (18 Holes w / Cart)

Friday     11-Nov-2016
  • Tee Time: 9:03-9:29

Mid South GC

Golf rounds including shared cart at MID SOUTH CLUB ( Silver Llama)


To The Victor…

2015-11-13 21.33.55And so it was that during the fall of 2015, a champion emerged from the depths of despair in 2014.  The most humble Billy McDougal is seen here displaying his 2015 Pinehurst Knights Invitational Trophy alongside the scoring for the week.  Quite an accomplishment to be proud of… well at least for another 11 months 🙂

Paul took home the booty $$$ for the week as you can see from the earnings record!

Nice job Billy!!!  Sorry I didn’t try to help you with a Heimlich manuver while you were choking on your french fries during our ride back in Paul’s truck.  After all… the second place finisher for the week would have then had to take the trophy home while you were recovering!  Call me an opportunist I guess…  Next year…. look out!  John D.

Get Ready for the Pinehurst Knights 2015 Invitational

Hello Fellow Knights…

Just a few more weeks before our 2015 adventure at Pinehurst begins…!

Just to keep you all a bit inspired… here’s Al Gallo last year cooking up one helluva meat sauce in our condo last year!  Hopefully he’ll play even better than he cooks this year and snatch that trophy back from his Father in Law, Steve!  Most of us of course have other ideas about where that trophy needs to reside next year. (See the results of  2013 + 2014)


Photo courtesy of Paul Slachta – Headmaster of the Yellow Bus School of Golf…

Both the Pinehurst Black Knights and White Knights will be at it again searching for the glory of “The Cup” at some of the best golfing venues on the East Coast…  Best be sure to check your ending Stableford Handicap Points from 2014.

Here is the line up for the week:

Continue reading

2014 – Keeping it “All In The Family”

Congratulations to Steve Phillips our 2014 Pinehurst Knights Invitational Champion!



Last year’s winner, Al Gallo, presenting our esteemed trophy to his father-in-law, Steve Phillips, once again underscoring the old adage… “age before beauty”.

The 2014 Pinehurst Knights Invitational Trophy is kept “All in the Family”, as Al passes the trophy over to his father-in-law, Steve during closing ceremonies.

That’s not the full story about this year’s closing theme.., because when we say “all” well, we really mean ALL awards this year.  Stay tuned for more on our “All in the Family” story.

For the full day by day results of this year’s tournament stop by the 2014 Archive Page.

Return of the Knights (2014)

Hello 2014 Knights !!

Thanks to Mike and Denny, who I ran into at the range today, I have some early information for this season to share with you. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to wipe the smile off Al’s face, but one thing I know for sure… that won’t be easy!


Sat Two Man Points – Roommates
Sun Two Man Points – Blind Draw
Mon Four Man Team Points
Tues Two Man Points – Blind Draw
Weds Four Man Team Points
Thurs Four Man Team – Two Best Ball (A players will draft teams)
Fri Individual Play – Points




CONDO ASSIGNMENTS ( For purposes of the “Formats For The Week” ):

Don’t worry Paul — room assignments can be adjusted within the condo for snoring abatement purposes !!








Don’t forget Billy’s place on the evening of Sunday Nov 2nd around 5PM — Beer, meade, chips, swine, jousting and football … and maybe even a serving wench or two?  My mistake… the serving wenches are waiting for us over at Dugans!!  — “DGP”

—  John

By the way, some additional information from Billy, who appears to have us Covered, so to speak:

I would add is that all Knights in our Condo (Unit 1711) should ensure they bring along a blue shirt and the others should have a yellow shirt in their possession for Tuesday’s match. If I Hat to think about it I envision a Ryder Cup twist to Cap off the competition that day and put a Lid on another stroll through the Southern Pines…  — Billy McDougal

Pinehurst 2013 – The Year of the Sandbag?

Sandbags?  We don’t need no stinking sandbags!

The week chosen was awesome… weather near perfect! We even discovered a new BBQ spot over at the Pik-n-Pig  in Carthage, NC!

This year we had attendees from up and down the East Coast.. including Florida and New Hampshire! Family re-unions, drinking and flying adventures – at the airport. We also even managed to make a few golf balls disappear out of thin air. Including one special Callaway Diablo.

Wondering who the winner was this year?  This guy below knows who it was…


Stop by our Photo Gallery for 2013 capturing some of this year’s seven day marathon of 189 holes in the golfer’s paradise that is Pinehurst, NC and surrounding communities of Southern Pines and Aberdeen NC! All in all, the entire group made an estimated 10,584 strokes of golf not counting range warm ups and clubs thrown out of sand traps during the course of the week!  The top of the Leader Board, which tracks our Stableford scoring, changed hands so many times that all the prevailing theories of sandbagging strategic planning had to be thrown out.

By the way… Congratulations Al !  Not a grain of sand in your bag…  😉